It's a pleasure to meet you.  

Let’s jump in...


This photo is a favorite

because it captures something

I never thought I’d be…

At home in my skin.


I cherish Beauty,

Especially the au natural.

It's nothing I thought it was,

and everything I've hoped it could be.


When Beauty is in front of me,

I want to eat it,

Squeeze it,

Dance for it,

nuzzle beside it,

Or come to a complete stop

to watch it saunter by...

Hoping my stillness

invites it to come even closer.


Sensing morsels of Beauty around me

Can be as easy as apple pie.

And, it’s been a journey of a lifetime

To see the full scope of mine.

I hated my body

Before I discovered how to adore it.

I swallowed emotions 

before I knew it was human to hold them. 

I twisted my mind

before I realized control was smothering my joy.

I'm still learning.

I’ve migrated over a vast terrain

To arrive at my well within.

I’ve dug into science, creativity, sexuality...

along the way was captured by Her,

And have made love with God.


I’m not the same woman.

I'm unfolding into the One 

I've always felt stirring inside, 

and have been waiting for perfection

before I pounced.

Evolution is always on the prowl.

The more I listen,

the more I molt 

and am softly tucked into my backbone.

One thing I know for sure

— I’m far from any final destination.


This is a celebration of where I am.

Thank you for being here.

I hope you see your reflection,

And lick the frosting with me.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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