The more we accept  the primal within us,

The more we value the wild that exists around us.

My desire is to create for my pleasure

AND my vision is bigger

— I'm dreaming Mother Nature big. 

The seed was planted early, and a place to start is by contributing 

 10% of every total purchase made at the Primal Muze to supporting Her magnificence. 

I love humans,

And, I often feel more at ease with animals of the furry and slick varieties, a lounging house plant, or regal oak tree.

There’s a certain type of awe, admiration, comfort, curiosity,and stillness that settles in from

Being with creatures that aren’t overly busy, and unabashedly express their Nature.

My brushes with wildlife started off fairly contained.

And, I always wanted more.  
Jane Goodall was one of my first idols.

She is a revolutionary who models

the depth of connection possible

when the wild is approached with respect, partnership, and humility.


Since I couldn’t go from fourth grade straight into the jungle,

my grandmother took me to the Zoo.  

I’d watch hippos play hide and seek,

Then be hypnotized by the methodical flop of a lion’s tail.

Compared to a watering hole, his human entertainment was at best blase.

In all the awe and excitement, it hurt to see him behind bars.

To let him know a kindred Spirit was in the crowd of cameras,

I’d send vibrations of love to twitch his whiskers so he’d know I saw his majesty,


I’ve had more goats snatch the last pellets than I have fingers.

I’ve felt horses’ lungs stretching and warming my thighs with each breath.

I’ve been splashed by water flicked from the fins of Shamu.

I’ve felt the affection grip of dolphins teeth on my arm as we danced together underwater.  

And, I’ve had the great fortune of witnessing an elephant migration carving rivers into the African Savanna.


I’m grateful for all these animal encounters,

They allowed me to sense the life I could only see in photographs.

And, when my body is engaged,

My passion is fueled.


It’s easy to forget that we too are animals and share a Kingdom.

While our brains have the capacity to launch us to the moon, other animal remain Rock Stars of perception.

And, they play in a way that constructs and strengthens Mother Nature’s divinely designed web.

While we humans like to think of ourselves as civilized,

How we treat Nature as a whole is immensely savage.


I’m not perfect.

I eat meat, and more often than not, I forget my reusable bags in my car and have to use plastic.  

And, I still stop to kiss flowers that show me their petals and hug trees when I hike.

I wave hello to hawks that glide overhead, and mimic the motion of dolphins when I swim to acknowledge the beauty surrounding me.


I don’t have the answers.

One thing that I learned teaching Biology…

Nature is bizarre,

And that’s what makes it Beautiful.

I have a crush on Beauty,

So I yearn to do what I can with the art that I create.

Creatures big and small also have a right to eX ist

And be valued for the beauty marks they make on Mother Earth’s body.


What if destruction wasn’t tolerated, and preservation wasn’t a good enough goal,

Because humans have the potential to do even better

— To not only maintain, but to magnify Nature’s beauty.  


Yes, my art is self-serving...

expression is one of my primal needs. 

At the heart, it's also for you, and the whole zoo...

May we all dig into our dirty beauty,

and live with wild abandon. 

 I'm still seeking to connect with an organization that I’m inspired to collaborate with, so for now, rest assured that 10% of your purchase will be saved and very soon boost the brilliance of Nature. And, if you have any connections, please let me know.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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