The world is big.  

I’ve felt this since I was a shorter human.  

Pictures of the milky way in science class

Confirmed my suspicions.

I was thrilled to be recycled stardust.

Pondering the enormity of life on my popsicle breaks

sparked my curiosity and also fed my bewilderment,

Which created ripples of anxiety.


I fostered a secret fascination with maps.

I’d look for them everywhere I went:
Amusement parks



Subway stations,

Skyscraper lobbies,

Escape routes mounted on the back of Hotel doors.


This was for kicks and giggles, and a bigger mission.

I was hunting for one particular element,

The X that marked the spot

Where I stood.


When I found it,

My confidence would get a boost for winning at my game.

The anxious undercurrent would slow and smooth

— I had found myself.

Still, I’ve often felt lost.

I’ve gone on search and rescue missions

For missing links to feel more whole.

For tools to fix imagined fundamental flaws,

For a purpose to force me back into alignment.


It’s been a wild goose chase

Of circles and switchbacks,

Plunges and misfires,

And trials and transformation.

To this day, if a map is in front of me,

I’m looking for the treasure.

The hunt outside

Is shifting more and more to a gathering from within.

Along the way I looked for an X pendant

To serve as a reminder of where it’s all at

Answers, Love, Life, Divine.

And an invitation for all of it to boogie in my body.


One was never found,

So, I decided it was my responsibility

to create what was valuable to me.


In December 2017, I jumped into a metal jewelry class

and set my vision on fire to create a necklace

That would dangle the truth and adorn my body.


It’s always a lusty pleasure

To create for me.

It’s a holy honor

to create for you.  


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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