Body Image

Our bodies allow us to exist in this world. 

Yet, it can be a challenge to embrace our fleshy forms.

We're told, and come to believe there is always something

to nip, fix, tuck, suck in, or firm up.

If we ever get anywhere close to feeling like the cat's meow, 

we're told we're screaming for attention...

Heaven forbid we celebrate, the skin we're in, NOW

because we've come to a place of peace, passion, and joy.

I get it...

I spent a good two decades starving and stuffing 

through anorexia and bulimia,  

and forcing and fighting with excessive exercise.

I was desperate for control, 

scrambling for perfection,

and yearning for love...

Yet the fear, insecurity, and self disgust persisted.

Overwhelmed and exhausted, I took some shots in the dark.

I was sick of the madness and willing to do something radical.

I stopped talking in circles, and followed my curiosity.

I sunk into my sensuality.

I allowed my body to move in undulating waves.

I striped down so my skin could be touched by the Earth,

the wind, sun, and genuine fingertips.

I revealed my heart and secrets to women & men I trusted.

I devoured ancient wisdom about the feminine body. 

I had a feast, and I'm still eating. 

My shape hasn't shifted much;

My body didn't need to change.

It wanted to express it's natural state of innocent sensuality. 

Captivation has replaced the relentless critic.

Disdain has morphed into devotion.

Numbness has warmed, and emotions have escaped...

I continue to unfold.

Some might call it vain, selfish, obnoxious, immoral, vulgar...

I consider it all an act of worship

– the body is holy.

Behold your Beauty & Flaunt how you want

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