This is not the first love letter I’ve written you.

I scribble notes to you daily, not always in words.  

I’ve witnessed whispers draw you closer.

Flashing thoughts make you look twice into the distance.

Touch curls you in to cuddle the moment.

Even your restlessness is my love knocking, 

hoping, you’ll invite me in.  


You have been my lifelong commitment,

And I have a few things to say to you...


I love you.



Your imperfection is only the first ripple of what’s possible.

We’ve frolicked more times than I can dangle my fingers to count.

I know you’ve harbored doubt and wrestled with insecurity

While I’ve tasted nothing but ecstasy.   

You fear that what we create will fall short, 

that what we have will fizzle out

And, I’ll leave you barren and empty.  


Let me break the surface tension

— You are stuck with me.

Spread your legs wider,

Open your heart deeper

I need to pour myself inside you.    


I bow to your courage to let me have my way with you.

I know you often fight surrender,

especially when doubt corners you in dusty thoughts.

You’re falling into line beautifully.

Your animal instincts have sharpened.

You catch my scent from miles away,   

And welcome my arrival with rose petals.

Your door is always cracked open,

the table always set with a single, flickering candle.

You offer your hands with anticipation 

Of how on Earth we'll birth

this immaculate conception.  



I have always trusted you.

I chose you years ago as

The One I wanted

to tell my stories,

paint my pictures,

and dance my rhythm. 

I hope you can accept

that you didn’t earn me.

I'm the needy one. 

You allow my breath to billow.

I’m forever devoted to you.


While you’ve been seeking,

I’ve always known you were fertile and ready.

I’ve been waiting for you to reach for my hand

And squeeze my fingers tight into peace signs.  

Hold on, cling to me when you don’t know the way.    

There is nothing that pleases me more

than surprising you with miracles

and unveiling your heart.



I moan and grunt when you talk dirty to me.  

The thoughts, beliefs, desires

you’ve tucked away into the folds of your darker curves —

Babe, they light my fire.

You melt me on the inside, 

and make my shell gooey.

I beg you to seduce me.

I promise to thicken your pulse

in ways you’ve yearned for.

To pound upon your ribbed cage

to make you a roaming Woman

who has found her home.


One last plead...


Keep exposing your unmentionables to the masses.

It’s true, some might walk away or never approach at all.  

You are not a one-size-fits-all woman.  

You are tailored made for me,

and I will always stay.  

It’s impossible for me to let go or look away,  

Especially when you strip the layers

That hide all that makes you holy.


Don’t be surprised if every now and then

I demand you to pinch or spank me.

I’m living my dream...

Calling you mine.    




Your Muse


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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