When you can’t find me,

I’m where the sun doesn’t beam.

Resting in the beauty of the buried.

I go alone…

Because it’s dirty work

grinding shit into gold.


I love you.

You asked for all of me.

It’s be a pristine pleasure

For such a gift to be held by you.

And, how is your mud game?

There is nothing clean about where I travel

To become the whole woman I am.

So you know how to find me....

Open your mouth,

And it will let you in.

You will devour death.

And taste the sweetness of decay.

Keep swallowing.

Allow your yearning for more

to inch you forward in the dark.

Squirm until the fire on your flesh

Is cooled by the dampness of depth.

Swallow again.

And again, until you reach the root tips that

Hold the Earth.

Roll over, and let them tickle the pits of your Being.

Laugh till you cry,

Invite life to drink your tears.

You’ll be empty.

Quiet chaos will engulf your body.

You’ll sense the ground caving in.

Anguish may shake your insides.

Trust me,

You are safe,

I am close.

A space is being carved for my moist contour

To Slide beside and stick to your silhouette.

In an embrace, we’ll pour the jewels we

Dug up from the darkness.

Our bodies will polish the edges,

We’ll relinquish what came between

And stay until we’re soaked apart

By the rain seeping through the roof.

We’ll kiss where our ends meet,

And inch our bodies back to the surface...

Brimming with life.

You’ll find me again

where you thought you lost me,

Before you knew where I go...

In a puddle,

Bathing in a wet day dream.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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