I love to swim.

It’s an experience every time,

Every single part,

From the first toe in

To the dramatic mermaid, ascension

Back onto land.

I feel drenched in joy.

Slick with peace,

Or at least the possibility always present.

The lavish liquid is exceptional

At revealing the location of my attention

With every arm rotation.

I regress and mature.

My brain is washed,

And curiosity drips in.

Sometimes I get stuck in a spin cycle.

A flip turn straightens my thoughts out,

And The gushing current created

Anchors my awareness to my skin, again.

That’s where she wants me,

and she’s patient when I flounder.

I like the gentle wrestle

In the jello mold of molecules.

I dip my fingers in,

She pushes back.

I drag my body through,

she splashes back.

Clearly we like each other.

Something about the friction

Adds a little fire.

I trust that if I stop,

She will hold, and drift me slowly.

Our date always ends

With a tea party at the depths

And bubbles rising.

My favorite,

Gazing up from within the water

To see her ripples and true colors.

It’s intimate.

I brought her all of me;

She lets me see what's beneath her surface.

She keeps me moist

As I find my feet in the other world.

I squeeze my hair

And she trickles a goodbye.

She trusts I’ll be back

To play.

Because she knows I want to be

with those I love.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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