Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Thank you for popping in to take a peak.

My wish is that you dawdle

In this space with me

Because joy loves company

And there is plenty to touch upon.

I’ve been hesitating to lift my skirt

And reveal what’s rattling around inside,

Because I thought I had to have a profound WHY.

Something that sounds smart

— my fashionably avoidant side didn't want to feel silly.

Reasons that would be unanimously considered humanitarian

so people might flock for a good cause

and my anxiously attached side wouldn't feel alone.

And, all the trying to contain the reason

into a well scripted proclamation of purpose

made the river soak into the Earth's seams until it was all cracked up

and my mouth and loins dried up.


and all forms of Creation couldn't care one lick

About catching the eyeballs under the high brows.

She has a need to be consumed by the art of living…



And laying to rest.

I apologized to her for even considering dismissing her primal needs,

And forcing a smart, concrete laundry list of reasons

so I could feel safe stepping over the edge.

She accepted,

And insisted I drop the polished

To get to the meat of the matter.


She quizzed me again.

“I love myself too much not to.”

You're ripe.

Let go,

And I’ll be waiting for you

in all the unfettered places.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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