Her Majesty

I can smell her from a mile away. The sight of her liquid horizon Always creases the line of my lips, Curving my gratitude to god For delivering me To her side. Rain or shine, She waved incessantly Inviting my to sink into her body. We went on walks. Her ruffled foam edges Gently teased my toes As I spilled everything in my mind, And held in my four chambers.

When I didn’t know, She didn’t mind. What I couldn’t see, She didn’t ask, accustomed to leagues of her own darkness. She drowned my eardrums So I’d only hear the sounds Of her insides. When it was time to rest, She surfed me onto her plush skin To nap under the watch Of the sun, clouds, and sand crabs.

I needed her, She knew, And nourished me. She sucked from my cells Morsels no longer living, Dissolving them with her solution. Her wondrous whimsy matched the tidal waters Sloshing and swirling within my basin. She drenched me once again In her secret sauce — a recipe that brews life from rawness.

I thanked her profusely, Even before I arrived, And since we’ve dearly departed. I blew her kisses by day, And sang her songs by full moonlight, To acknowledge her majesty.

How does one express a love That is undeniably ancient? “Thank you,” seems empty handed. “I love you,” missing gravity. “I’ll miss you,” underestimated.

I didn’t know how to condense into a drop All the love and admiration welling within

that words seemed too weightless to carry. So, I danced. Sharing from my whole body, As did she. I longed for her to receive the glorious impression

she’s pumped through my Being

since the beginning of time.

Her royalty Will Forever reign.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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