Sit with me

Saxon Holt -

It’s quiet.

We’re simply sitting.

Nothing fancy,

No motion.

A sweet stillness

Only interrupted by a blink

To keep our irises wet.

Or, a finger lifts to tickle

An itch off the skin.

Gusts of emotion blow through,

Moments where tears seem to surge

But never fall over.

Upturned lip corners

point out the joy.

Spines rise

And chests billow

To stand at attention

To each other’s power.

It's foreign and familiar,

New and ancient.

Arousing and innocent.

Going everywhere

And no where…

Simply sitting.

Our bodies carry on with business,

Chiming in with stomach gurgles

and a hick-up.

My right leg falls asleep,

But blood still flows freely

To the most tender spots,

The hungriest parts.

My hip pops in protest

And my heart rushes

As I jostle my body.

It doesn’t want to move,

Her bowl is being filled,

Her chambers touched.

It was still quiet,

And, we were still simply sitting.

I am rooted,

but currents of subtle passion

Make all my disks dance.

Your fingers,

The ones that have only

Touched the tips of mine

Like a whisper...

firm with presence.

The pressure holds me down,

And carves out more space

For me to infuse.

Our skin is covered,

And, more than I know

is being revealed.

We are still simply sitting.

You slice the silence,

“When I look in your eyes, All I see are flowers.”

I breathe an extra half breath,

To take in your sight.

I shyly giggle to bounce around

the intimacy

that feels like a hot potato.

After all this time

of chasing, yearning, longing

To have it,

I still don’t always know what to do with it,

how to handle it,

Trust that I can

Simply let it soak through.

“What kind are they?”

I ask with curiosity,

And the playfulness of a pop quiz

To see if you really got in.

“I don’t know, there are hundreds.

All different kinds and colors.”

You drop your chin,

And rub your eyes

Slightly bewildered at what you’ve seen.

Before you can blink,

I assure you you’re not crazy…

“Oh, that’s my secret garden.”

We continue to simply sit.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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