You are a cave,

A dwelling place for Nature

to rest,

to rumble,

to roar.


She paces through your veins

And you yearn to drink Her blood.

You desperately want to dip your loins into the currents of creativity

And slither your Soul into all corners of your flesh

so Life can animate your animal.


You are full,

Yet you feel famished.

You strive, contort, contain.

You swindle yourself out of receiving your gifts

with critique, fear, shame, and doubt.

You pick up more,

When you’re longing to let go.

You have more dreams than you know how to live.

All the tripping over your feet has you wonder if you’ll ever waltz

but the beats keep thumping and throwing your body into motion. 


You suck in your curves,

smother your sensuality, and tame your instincts.

You’ve blown out the candles celebrating your exquisitely raw taste of pleasure

from hear your passion will cause a wild fire.

You bark up the wrong trees begging for scraps,

because you forgot the meat on your bones is a rare delicacy.

You hush the voice within that has the answer.

You chastise your desire for

something more,

Something different,

Something you can’t quite pin down with your finger.


Stop for a moment, and pinch yourself.

You are not Broken,

Nothing is wrong.

You are hungry for your expression.

You have a thirst for life.


I am you.

Let’s create a feast

To feed ourselves,

To give thanks,

to be.


 Passionately Created by Primal Muze.

No replication of words & images without consent.

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